Memorials at Monserrate in Bogotá

Written By: jeff

Posted On: November 15th, 2013

Monserrate is one of the most iconic tourist sites in Bogotá. The mountaintop sits high atop the already sky-high city that can impact anyone altitude challenged. Bogotá sits at 2600 meters/8530 feet above sea level, while Monserrate sits at 3150 meters/10,300 feet. Once you ride up on the gondola or funincular, you’re treated to the views of a sprawling metropolis on one side of the mountain and lush green, virtually untouched moutnainscapes on the other. Hidden amongst the many little corners on top are a number of stone memorials. Monserrate is home to one of the oldest churches in Bogotá and it holds special religious significance for the city’s Catholics. I took this shot on one of many trips up the mountain and it is today’s Suh-Weet Shot and when you travel to Colombia, make time for a little side trip.

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